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  • 2004
    Silok Chemistry established in Guangzhou, when the brand “Silok” was officially born and started a great journey in the field of chemicals.
  • 2009
    Silok had a sizeable growth and began to expand the application of silicone in more fields.
  • 2010
    Silok placed silicone elastomer as leading products, entered into personal care industry, when highly specialized daily chemical department was established.
  • 2017
    After years of effort in the market, Silok enjoyed a good reputation widely in chemical industry and won high recognition from customers. Profound industry accumulation meet turbulent market conditions and chances, that makes Silok achieve leap-forward development.
  • April 2017
    Daily chemical department split from mother company “Silok”, became an innovative enterprise - “Silok Silicone”, which committed to silicone materials in personal care industry.
  • 2018
    “Silok Silicone” launched silicone products of vegetable oils modification, as a result of the natural and healthy idea and excellent performances, the natural series products quickly attracted wide attention in various exhibitions around the world and were highly recognized by the market.
  • Future...
    To become a continuous innovator in pure silicone technology, continue to contribute more natural beauty to human life.
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