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Vision: To be an innovator on pure silicone technology

Silok, an innovative chemical organization focus on ultimate chemicals, owns a vertical e-commerce platform—sicmouse.com which gathered competitive chemicals and devoted to solve problems on the value creation and value repay to the global top chemists on the basis of a new mode of “ Product Manager”.

·Mission: Beautify life with pure silicone ( Persist in creating new value for customers and society)
·Values: Innovation, Responsibility, Integrity, Customer Success, Teamwork
·Pure Silicone
·Slogan: SiCare,Pure Silicone
·Humanistic concept: I love silicone (I LOVE SILICONE) silicone
·Applications: Personal and home care products, agriculture and fertilizers, textiles and industry

Brand elaboration


Our brand LOGO,
It is a pure water droplet, a natural green leaf.
It’s a spark of creativity, and it’s a drop of new silicone oil.
It infiltrates into the daily life of life and quietly enhances your health and beauty.
Maybe in a bottle of cream, maybe in a lipstick,
May blend with shower gel or exquisite makeup.
Such as water, such as fire, such as safflower against the green leaves;
Silently guarded, but everywhere, just waiting for your discovery.

This LOGO contains our most important pursuits --
Be a pure silicone technology innovator, beautify human life with pure silicone.

A LOGO, a brand, began to write our brand story


Meet Si+C, Meet beauty, Chemists’ romance.
Unique, stable, pure, perfect structure, excellent property.
Silicone makes the world a better place.

Vision: To be an innovator on pure silicone technology
Mission: Beautify life with pure silicone
Brand: Sicare
Humanity Idea:(I LOVE SILICONE)
Product Orientation: Pure Silicone
Core Values: Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, Satisfy Customer, Teamwork, Loyal to Dream

We are a company with temperature
We develop and produce pure chemicals, wish to be a core production center and technology innovator on silicone.

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